The Prayer Room

The Boiler Room was first and foremost a place of prayer. Best we can calculate, over 7000 hours of public and private prayer were spent there. It was a place for people to encounter God’s presence and a spiritual fueling station for city of Greenville.

“C.H. Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of the late 19th Century, attributed the fruitfulness of his entire ministry to his ‘Boiler Rooms’. These were prayer meetings – often established in basements – that facilitated intercession while he preached. Spurgeon, who often preached to crowds of 10,000 in days before amplification, considered these ‘Boiler Rooms’ to be the very power-source of his ministry.”

The Boiler Room weekly prayer times launched humbly in the fall of 2009 with Matthew & Shepard Lilley. They had just had their first child, and the then family of three came out every morning at 10am. Matthew would sit up front with his guitar and sing to Jesus for an hour and a half. Shepard would tend to the baby. Sometimes there were visitors, but many times there were not. But that was never the issue. It was always about ministry to the Lord.

Over the years the prayer room schedule waxed and waned with up to 20 hours of weekly prayer gatherings at the highest points, with worship & prayer leaders from various churches coming to lead the sets. Many hours were focused on thanks, praise, adoration and worship. Certain hours were dedicated to intercession for topics such as revival in Greenville, eastern North Carolina, East Carolina University, justice issues and the nations.